AutoScan provides an extensive range of services to support high quality manufacturing businesses facing increasing demands to meet the need for world class quality, at the target cost, within a flexible resource framework

Group Services Range

AutoScan and E-PPL are 2 separate companies operating as 1 group to provide a fully managed service and share skills, knowledge and resource. This gives us the unique ability to call on appropriate skilled support from either specialist area in order to give our customers the very best possible level of service under one roof which IS NOT AVAILABLE from any other source.

  • 1. Containment – Component inspection & rework
  • 2. Containment – Vehicle inspection (Sweeps)
  • 3. Supplier QA support – Initial investigations
  • 4. Supplier development and firewalls (QMD)
  • 5. Vehicle reworks, retro-fits and WIP
  • 6. Manufacturing engineering projects
  • 7. Launch Support
  • 8. Special vehicle builds and safety critical recalls